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King and Queen Contest 2015

As we know from time immemorial, a queen needs no king to reign. Victoria, Elizabeth, Cleopatra, Wu Zetian. ....We introduce to you, Caprese, Mother of Tomatoes, the 2015 Queen of the Tomato Festival. A rare Ohio transplant (Debra Boyd), Caprese made her entrance with her knave [designer] carrying her train. Truly impressive....abject subjugation.

Mother Khapreesi (as in Caprese salad [Italian: Insalata Caprese, meaning "Salad of Capri"], c'mon, guys, keep up with us) believes in nurturing the young fruit and their tender foliage so they can become the contributors of tomorrow. She promises a reign free of bloodshed preferring her East Nashville subjects to keep their blood pumping artistry, eccentricity, inclusivity and quirkiness stronglyINSIDE their bodies.

2014's Queen Lycopene was in attendance to graciously and without incident pass the crown to her successor as MC obSINity provided play by play...and catwalk instruction. Tears were shed....tart, acidic tears.

"I will take what is mine. With olive oil and basil. Turn us away, and we will garnish you first!", Khapreesi was heard to say as she departed to reign supreme.

See her first at the 9AM parade at 5 Points!!!!

Reporter: Stephanie Dennis

The winners for the 2015 Kids Tomato Art (individual awards) are..

3 yrs and under

  • 3rd Charlie Suchomski 

  • 2nd Cole Bacher

  • 1st Frances Gann

4-6 yrs old

  • 3rd Isaac Roche

  • 2nd Asher Schroer 

  • 1st Natalia Aguilar 

7-9 yrs old

  • 3rd Brighten Young

  • 2nd Mateo Nelson Millian

  • 1st Olivia Kennard

10-12 yrs old

  • 3rd Greta Mathis

  • 2nd Rowan McCoy

  • 1st Emma Herron

13-15 yrs old

  • 3rd Terrien Claybooks
  • 2nd Nadia Reist
  • 1st Cameron Stacy 


Rosalie Neilson Millian - 1st place

Tomato 5K Results

Female Overall Winners

  1. Gisela Granados
  2. Beth Meadows
  3. Ashley Evans

Female Master Winner

  1. Kris Rehm

Male Overall Winners

  1. Craig Pagett
  2. Jacob Carrigan
  3. Lee Wilson

Male Masters Winners

  1. Matt Pulle

Faux Paw Fashion Show

First Place

First place winner, Dewey, owned by Donna Vincler, won over the judges with his Tomato Soup costume. Dewey loves to dress up. He has a new brother, Angus, a black lap puppy.

 Second Place

Fin, and his owner Deedee Melton, almost didn’t make it to the content when Fin decided he should eat his tomatoes. Deedee prevailed and Fin’s, Farmer Fin costume, won second place.

Third Place

Jack, wearing his Andy Warpaw costume, earned third place. Owned by Derek Leigh, Jack decided that the city was the place to be after spending his first 7 years in a mountain cabin until a copperhead bit him!

Fairy and Elf Contest Winners

First Place: Juniper Kelley
Second Place: Adaline Stannard
Best in Show: Venice Fanning

Tomato Contests

Most Naturally Beautiful Tomato

Amy Horner

Most Ugly Tomato

Jessica Park

Tiniest Tomato

Oscar Williams

Most Inventive Tomato Display

UnrulyJoolie: Lego Bike Tomato

Most Beautifully Dressed Tomato

  1. Mary Claire Zibart: Trump-mato
  2. Maddie Hicks: Tomato Farmer
  3. Debbie Cogswell: Smiling/Frowning One-Eyed Tomato Alien

Tomato Art Festival Float Competition

  1. Pastafarians: Erin Rice
  2. Gone with the Tomato: Lindsay Goranson

Recipe Contest Winners

First Place: Peggy Welch, Tomato on Tomato Salad
Second Place: Samantha Williams, Orange You Glad It’s Tomato Salad
Third Place: Amanda Virgillito, Mas Tomatoes Por Favor
*Prizes are at Art and Invention

Dish for 2016 – “Bring your best tomato dish. Any kind of dish where the tomato is the ‘star’ of the recipe.”

Red Head Contest

Miss Tiny Tomato: Estelle Francis
Mr. Tiny Tomato: Joshua
Early Girl Tomato: Eva
Better Boy Tomato: Phillip
Hot Tomato: Sarah
Tomato Red: Alexander
You’re Not Really a Tomato: Anastacia

Cornhole Tournament

Champion: Donnie’s Ashes

Bloody Mary Contest

First Place: Cory - Tree House
Second Place: Andy - Urban Grub
Third Place: Ryan - Embers Ski Lodge

Chicken Costume Contest

Chicken Costume by Roy James Renfro Jr.