Rosepepper Homemade Salsa Competition

WHERE: Rosepeper Cantina booth at 11th and Woodland
WHEN: Saturday, August 9, 2014

TIME: drop off before noon

We know you can dance the Salsa, but can you make delicious salsa... the kind that makes you want to "skip the chip and dive right into the bowl" salsa? 

If you can, then be apart of the 1st annual Rosepepper Homemade Salsa Competition.  Sign up to participate below.  Participants will drop off a half gallon of homemade salsa at the Rosepepper booth prior to noon on Saturday August 9th.  The public will have a chance to vote throughout the day, with official judging taking place at 3:30 pm and the winner announced at 4:00 pm.


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Sponsored by the Rosepepper Cantina