Once again, the time has come to pay homage to that fabulous vegetable/fruit, the TOMATO!

This year is the Tomato Art Fest’s 15th anniversary, and we want to celebrate this thrilling landmark with the best Tomato Art Show EVER!!!! To do this, we need your help…

Please help us celebrate the tomato by saying, “Yes - I want to make tomato art!”

The 15th annual Tomato Art Fest is set for August 11, 2018. Last year the festival drew close to 60,000 people to East Nashville, and it always seems to garner a lot of national attention in addition to bringing in the locals.

We hope we can entice you to create tomato-inspired artwork to fill the walls of our gallery and add another level of greatness to this already remarkable event.

Apply by clicking the button below and following the listed instructions.