Red House Imaginarium


Red House Imaginarium exists to meet the evolving need for arts education by inspiring creative thought, cultivating craft, and building community.

We teach classes, lots of classes - Shakespeare, musical theatre, vlogging, pop vocals, set design - the list goes on. But we are more than a catalogue of classes, we are a safe community of creatives - a place to try something completely new, or hone your existing skills. We encourage risk-taking: Think you can’t sing? Let’s give it a shot. Scared of the stage? We’ll teach you how to overcome that.

We are dedicated arts professionals, but we’re also parents (between us we have EIGHT kids). We’ve watched as school systems cut arts programming year after year. We’ve bemoaned the lack the of affordable, quality alternatives. We know that our students’ futures depend on their ability to think creatively, to solve problems, to stand up for their ideas, not just on their test scores. Imagination is where success begins. And besides that, it’s just plain fun.

So whether you’re just curious, or dream of building a life on the stage, come join our carnival of creativity.