Theater Bug Performance:

(Sponsored by The Theater Bug)

WHERE: The Contest Stage (Corner of 11th & Woodland)
WHEN: Saturday, August 12, 2017
TIME:  noon – 12:45pm

The Theater Bug is on a mission…to inspire young people to create community and build confidence- through educational experiences in the performing arts. Come watch these budding artists perform an encore show of their summer production, "If I Were You." You’ll be glad you did!

"If I Were You" is an original musical by Cori Anne Laemmel and Laura Matula that follows one year in the life of four young people who do not know each other, but share something in common. They were all born on the same day. The show opens at the birthday celebrations for Phoebe (8), Bailey (12), Noorah (15), and Jonah (18). We watch the four children have similar experiences in their schools, homes and relationships, but see how they experience them completely differently. 

IF I WERE YOU runs July 13-August 5 at The Theater Bug. Tickets available at