Best of Show:

Campbell Nielsen

3 and under
1 st –
Cleo Gresham
2 nd – Noli White, Emily Beard
3 rd – Charles Grant

4 – 6 years
1 st –
Lila Thacker
2 nd – June Miller
3 rd - Olivia Quiram

7 -9 Years
1 st –
Ashley Simmons
2 nd – Jackson Phillips
3 rd – Antonio Niehause

10 – 11 years
1 st –
Emma Petroff
2 nd – Ava Delgado
3 rd – Jason Christensen

12 – 13 years
1 st –
Greta Mathes
2 nd – Clara Mathes


Tomato Haiku

Adult Winner:

Shane Toombs

Heaved toward its mark

One tomato's final task

End the stand up act


Adult Winner:

Christy Nicholson

Tomatoes fragrant

Green stems bend in the garden

Summer's bounty nears


Humor Winner:

Shane Toombs

An entire case

of V8 Tomato juice

and still smell of skunk


Humor Winner:

Marshall Weber

Fun Fact! Tomatoes...

can cure restless leg syndrome.

I just made that up.


Anything Goes Winner:

Shaun Barber

Five Streets diverge into one

Tomatoes grow into the golden light sky

Come dance in the circle!

Recipe Contest

Gazpacho category:

WINNER: Kim Killingsworh with her "Classic Gazpacho"recipe.

Honorable mentions to Melissa D. Corbin with "A Summer's Harvest Gazpacho" and Ron Snitker with "Roasted Tomato Gazpacho"


Savory Tomato Pastry category:

WINNER: Jennifer Baker with her "Jennifer's Heirloom Tomato Galette with caramelized onions, garlicky toasted walnuts & fresh herbs"

2nd Place Winner: Michael Payne with the "Roma Rollers"

Honorable Mention to Amanda Virgillito with her "Tomato Jam Hand pies"


Beautiful Tomato Pagent

1st: Let Them Eat Maters, Deb Flynt and Annie Hight


2nd: Let's Call the Whole Thing Off, Deb Levy and C. Haggerty


3rd: Friends of a Feather, Andee Rudloff


TOmato Fairy/Elf Contest

13 and Over: 

Aviva Namavid


Under 13:



Most Creative:




Tomato 5K

For the results of the Margaret Maddox YMCA Tomato 5K, please visit this link

House Decorating Contest

Presented by Nine12 Architects 

1st: Andra Hedrick

1609 Boscobel St.

1st place.2.jpg

2nd: Amanda Knight

1305 Ordway

2nd place.jpg

3rd: Kelly McDonald

4662 Trousdale Dr.

3rd place.jpg

Honorable Mention:

Tomianne Schmidt

1424 Ordway


Bloody Mary Contest

Presented by 3Crow and Pickers Vodka

1st: Keith Levy 

2nd: Nicole Fox - 2nd place

3rd: Rachele DiBacco - 3rd place

Most Creative Cocktail: Nicole Branigan


Presented by Music City Boards


Airmail: Rodger Suggs & Gary Fergason


Push, Pull & Wear Parade

1st: Heirloom To The Throne


2nd: Swine Vine


3rd: Rainbow Tomatoes


Biggest, littlest, Ugliest Tomato

1st:  Amanda Holmes


2nd: Julie Thordarson


3rd: Douglas Mortlock



Push, Pull & Wear Parade

1st:  Camilla Spadafino

2nd: Amy Thran

3rd:  Chevi Olbes